Adjusting privacy settings on a mac

Adjusting privacy settings on a mac

Application developers often want feedback on how users use their software. But as a user, you should be careful in how much of your data you want to share. This is not a one size fits all. You should carefully consider what data you are willing to share with what application and for what purpose. For example, a navigation application needs to know your location to determine where you are and how to best get to your destination. But a drawing application does not need to know your location.


View and edit your privacy settings

  • Open  > System Preferences > Security and Privacy
  • Click on the privacy tab
  • Click on the lock icon and identify yourself as a user with administrative privileges
  • From the sidebar select Location Services
  • Make sure that applications that are allowed to know your location are checked and the others are unchecked For example, Find my is allowed to know my location but EverNote is not. It is not that I don't think that Evernote is a trustworthy company. I trust it with a lot of other data, some more sensitive than my location. The thing is that the EverNote app does not need to know my location in order to do its thing. So I don't share my location with EverNote.


From the sidebar select Contacts. In my case, there are two candidates DaisyDisk and Alfred. Alfred makes working with contacts easier and therefore needs access to my contacts. Also, Alfred is a well-known application that is in business for a long time. So access to contacts for Alfred is approved. DaisyDisk is an application that shows me how much disk space I am using which I can view by directory. Why on earth does that need access to my contacts? Denied.

privacy2.png Go through the remaining items on the sidebar and check which application you want to grant access to which resource. You can always change it so it is best to err on the side of caution and be too strict. If an app can not do its thing because you did not grant access then you can always change your mind later.